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Saturday, May 12, 2007



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Friday, November 03, 2006



I find it disturbing the amount of hypocrisy that flies around these days. The British media have latched onto Ken Livingtson again like rottweilers to a bone. The complaint is that Ken is stopping off at Cuba whilst going to Venezuela for an Olympic meeting( which happens to be on the way ) at a cost to the taxpayers. So what do the BBc do? They fly a reporter and camera crew out to cuba to find out why he's there. And guess's at a cost to the taxpayer who has to pay over-inflated t.v licences. Ooooh the irony..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Real or no real?

There seems to be a new fad currently hitting our TV screens. It's called 'bleed as much money out of the TV viewer as possible and pretend we are doing them a favour'. We can see this in any daytime TV programme via a quiz which doesnt just insult your intelligence, it actually confuses you by thinking the answer couldnt possibly be that simple. Ofcourse we all know it is to extort more money out of us than the competition is worth . But we still ldo it. Richard and Judy taunt us gleefully sending us signals of 'cmon,thats so easy you must win.Musn't you?' Well infact no, you musn't. In fact with the amount of people entering you have more chance of standing outside and having a pot of gold drop out of the sky from a one handed flying Lepricaun.
Then we have Noel Edmonds. They up their telephone prize money and it it is all for the goodwill of us regular viewers. Or so he would have us believe. In fact it just means the extra calls mean extra money for themselves. Don't even get me started on the fact that deal or no deal has actually deleted the £250,000 winners so that the viewing figures stay high. Now if thats not indicitive of a manipulative slimy fat cat TV producer then i don't know what is. Come on you lot, stop wasting your money and give it to charity instead!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Clouds Alas!

Well looks like from tomorrow it's time to sit in and pull out your favourite David Mitchell novel again. In the words of Tony hancock,"Aint it marvellous, eh?" For at least eight months in the year we get cold,dark,cloudy wet miserable weather. For the other four months the humid heat creates...yes, more wet cloudy,miserable weather in the form of thunderstorms.Just in time for my trip to Wimbledon. This in turn creates 'imported thunderstorms'(When in the hell did the weather centre make that one up?).In fact there's only three things you can depend on in the summertime.England won't win the football,Henman won't win the tennis and we won't actually get a decent summer. Tell me again why we live in this crappy country? It's beyond me. Have a nice day. While it lasts! Moan , moan moan....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Big Brother Exclusive: Pete's secret life?

Well guys this is a pure exclusive from the mole in the know.Even the 'Sun' hasn't got hold of this one yet! Don't ask me how I found this but if you look at the links below you will find out a certain Big Brother contestant's secret life in Brighton.Could it be Pete? Yes guys, it appears that he belongs to a fetish club in his home town of Brighton.Not only this but he's featured in a London gay magazine (look under advertisments:vice in the link below). Not sure what expletives he shouts when he's being whipped though.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Please ! Narnia drivel Disney..

After enjoying the last two Harry Potters I settled down last night to watch The lion the witch and the wardrobe thinking I would be getting much the same entertainment . How wrong I was. I had wondered why i hadn't remembered much about the story when I was a kid. Now i know why , there isnt much of one.Half the movie seems to be spent on getting through the wardrobe.Coupled with this the acting is extremely wooden. i can only guess that the person in charge of casting was American and didn't know any better.Some of the effects are very ropey indeed by todays standards and the dialogue is old fashioned a badly done. The only redeeming feature is the cgi Lion .I'm sure some people out there must enjoy the film (three years olds for example)but if your an adult don't waste your time ,just watch Lord of the rings again . You'll get much more enjoyment.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


There's Osborne every minute

You know what really annoys me at the moment? How everyone seems to think that the sun shines out of Sharon Osborne's arse. Not only that, but the amount of airtime we are paying to see her. Just because this Nouveau riche commoner has received enough money from her bat eating,screeching talentless drug addict of a husband to make herself look less like an old hag, does this make her 'nice' all of a sudden? If she was so great why are her cussing spoilt siblings not only rude, obnoxious and obese from obvious lack of discipline. Perhaps if you had spent more time keeping your kids in shape than making money Sharon you might have a more 'normal' family.

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